Q&A: when you are riding on your bike should you go with the traffic or should you ride against the traffic?

Mar 27

Question by Jess: when you are riding on your bike should you go with the traffic or should you ride against the traffic?
could you pleez type me the answer because i cannot believe that im being charged for riding against the traffic. if only you could type me an answer telling me if the court was right or if i was right .
thank you
and have a nice day,.

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Answer by boogie_4wheel
Bicycles have to follow the same rules as cars & trucks. You should travel with the flow of traffic, stop at stop signs and lights and obey other laws.

You walk against traffic…

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  1. alvarz /

    you are supposed to ride with the traffic. This is important especially when you come to street corners. Car drivers always look left and then right. if you are going on the wrong side of the road they just may run you over.

  2. The court is right. On a bike you are supposed to ride with traffic. However it is pretty crappy that someone charged you for it.

  3. billrussell42 /

    The law is if you control a vehicle on the highway, be it bike or truck or car, then you obey the laws of the road.


  4. lumpee /

    A bike is legally a vehicle and subject to the laws of the road and must always be ridden WITH the flow of traffic.

  5. The court was right.. you are suppose to obey the same rules of the road like the cars.

  6. Thomas D /

    you ride with the traffic. Bicycle riders have to follow the same rules as drivers of Cars, trucks and other motor vehicles Now when you are on Foot(Walking) you go against traffic

  7. Andy F /

    You are at fault.If you ride against the traffic and someone hit you they are not even liable for your injury’s.They will find you at fault for breaking the law. My son got hit by a car pulling out of a driveway and the police did nothing because he was on the wrong side or the road.

  8. Willow Natalia /

    As a cyclist you are bound by the same rules as motorized vehicles. Always ride with traffic, use signals to indicate lane changes and obey traffic signals and signs. Speed limits are little harder to keep since you’re not motorized. Ride as far to the right as safely possible. I’m sure your local Department of Transportation has cycling rules posted on their website. You really ought to check it out.

  9. sylvery_fae /

    Sorry, but if you were riding against traffic you were breaking the law.
    If you are on a cycle, you should always ride with the flow of traffic. Never on the sidewalk, as it is against the law.
    Always stay as far to the right as possible, and follow all hand signals. Wear a helmet, and follow the same rules as motorists.

  10. morgan /

    Common sense, of course says you should travel in the same direction as traffic, and not against it. It’s safer to obey the rules of the road on a bike to avoid collisions and accidents.

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